rock, paper, scissors.

let me start by saying that i wanted to name these fellas, dumb and dumber, but the more i thought about it, i just thought that was mean.  so instead i have named them ben and jerry because that is ice cream and it is good and nice, but still goes together perfectly.

saturday,  bessie and i had a gals day and headed to lunch and then to see charlie st. cloud (hello, zach efron is a c.u.t.i.e.  i realize he is twelve and I AM NOT, but still.  cute he is.  i'll stop.)  this had been deemed a 'bessie movie' long ago by so i knew there was no use trying to talk him into seeing two hours of dreamy bessie and i made a bee line for the movie the second he was out of town.

as we approached the ticket counter, bessie and i noticed these two dudes (we'll call them dudes because they would like that) in front of us, ben and jerry.  bessie immediately said, "do they have matching shirts on?"  i looked and indeed they had went to american apparel and had gone for the grey V neck because-we--want-to-look-cool-and-artsy-and-because-we-are-sixteen look.  both guys were blond, one with pretty curls the other with a straight baptist preacher hair do.

they were cool though, so very cool.

apparently the F word had just been introduced to baptist preacher hair for he said it often and occasionally while we were in line and at inappropriate times as to impress curly.

even though they had agreed on the matching shirt choices for the day, they could not agree on a movie.

"dude, i wanna see SALT.  it looks so good!"  (in a very hyper and i am so hip kinda voice)

"dude, but i don't really like angelina."

a lady two people in front of them interjects "it is really good."

"who said it was really good.  i think they are wrong!"

curly looks at bessie and myself, "do you know anything about micmacs?"

i look at the movie listings and see the title and say, "hmmm, i have never heard of that."

they go on asking a few other people in line to which no one has heard of the movie.

"dude, i really wanna see inception, the leo movie.  i hear it's rad."

"dude, i wanna see SALT!  let's rock, paper, scissors for it?"

"well man, i don't care as long as it's R it will be awesome!!!"

rock, paper, scissors ensues loudly and hyperly for about ten times until SALT is the winner. -giggle, giggle, snort, snort-

curly whispers to baptist preacher hair,"dude, doesn't really matter because we can just sneak into another movie if SALT sucks!"

"oh yeah, dude, true."

they step up to buy their ticket for SALT as they clear their voice to say in their 'man voice' "two for SALT."

baptist preacher hair foots the $15.00 bill.

shew, they got the tickets!  they are on their way to a rated R movieeeeeeeeee.holla...........

bessie and i get our ticket to see zach efron charlie st. cloud. and we are all happily in the theatre....

only to get right behind them in concessions.  the same trouble was had deciding on snacks as it was for the desired movie selection.  after two very large icees and a large popcorn, preacher man pays again and shells out $20 (bet he paid for the matching shirts too...)

and they are off...

i get raisonettes, bessie a cherry coke.

we are still laughing at baptist preacher hair and curly and there ever so cool, matching t shirt, rated R day...

until we hear,"hey do you know anything about the movie micmacs?"

and we look...and standing in the hallway, sure enough, was curly asking all passer bys if they had seen the movie micmacs.

do you know how bad i had wished i had gotten a ticket to SALT just to try and swipe their popcorn to see what happened?

bad, real bad.

but bessie wouldn't rock, paper, scissors me for it.


ben (curly) and jerry (baptist preacher hair).

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