today my mom spent the morning with me.  dad was at the doctor (see below) and had to be accessed alone this time, she spent the two hours with me.  and here's the thing.  i loved having her, it was good seeing her and spending time with her.  it was.


i am tired.

mom is a talker.  like in a big way talker.  now, if she was reading this, and she is not.  i hope.  she would say, "i am not a talker, i don't know why people say that about me..."  and then she would be quiet for one minute til she forgot that she didn't know all my friends social security numbers and continue with the questions.

i am tired.

i thought a diversion to target would help break up the questions.  it didn't.  i thought making sure lil bit stayed awake would help, it didn't.  matter of fact, it added more chaos to the questions.  instead of the normal:

what target do you go to again?
what kind of shampoo do you use?
how long do you have to work today?
is brad still drinking diet coke?
where did you get that pillow?
how many miles will you run today?
will you run today?
where will you run today?

per minute.  she would add a very loud song with clapping everytime the baby started to grunt, coo or fuss in her car seat to which i would say, "mom she is fine."  after a while i would add, "g, you are okaaay..." in my sweet little nanny voice meaning, "mom. please."  

i failed.

she kept firing away.

what do they do again?
what is that?
do you like being a nanny still?
i wish you would teach?
how many times a week do you vacuum?

so i found myself (in between the questions of course) tweeting "i need a drink.  (and i don't drink.)  might be a fine day to start."

when that did not prove to be enough therapy for my wayward mind i texted my boss, "where is that sweet tea vodka again?"  

followed up by the "hahahahahahaha" text just incase she thought her nanny was turning into a wino...errrr...vodka-O.

finally, amid all the questions i went to get a load of laundry and truth-be-told when i returned upstairs she had her head thrown back and was sound asleep on the couch.

i did a thank you jesus dance.  very quietly so not to wake her.  and sat on the bottom step in the kitchen and didn't move a muscle or breath for fifteen minutes.

after all, mom needs her sleep.


Lacie said...

Aw, friend. Your last one was sad and this one was exhausting. Was I still supposed to find it a little bit funny, though? Because I totally did. But, if it is going to make me a terrible listener, I won't tell you that I did.

I didn't.

jessica said...

comedy all the way.

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