tomato art fest.

this weekend was the tomato art fest in east nashville.  i didn't go.  something about it being one hundred and ten degrees (no lie) and tomatoes didn't get me all excited to walk around on the hot black pavement and relish in all things tomato.  in my professional opinion, it is way to hot to be outside with clothes on or without a large body of water around to rejoice in all things shiny, red and round.

so i stayed inside, went and got my toes and fingers painted tomato red all in appreciation for the tomato art fest, of course.

just because I am a non-participator does not mean that my roommate is.

she appreciates all things tomato.  and i have pictures to prove it.

p.s.  i did draw a vine on her leg.  see, look at me being a participator.

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