the key to a successful relationship.

i can not tell you how many conversations one of my best friends and i have had about relationships.  and for all the days and years that i was not in one, we came to the conclusion that to be in a successful relationship one of the two people involved just have to be flat out weird, the other normal.  and then it works.  

think about some successful relationships, i am right.

we would watch people we know start dating, become engaged and married and more often that not, we would find ourselves thinking, "really.  him?  but he is so weird.  or she is so weird."  

then we decided that we were to normal and we needed to start looking for the quirky one, the weird one and then we too could have a successful relationship.

then i realized that:
i only eat out of plastic dishes.
and i only drink from solo cups (you know the large plastic ones that some in red and blue)
and i like to save new things for forever. and never use them because then they are not new.
and that i have a girl crush on lisa renna.
and that i have to "fix" the couch and pillows as soon as i get to work or i go a little nuts.
and that i obsess over things that are not obsessive worthy.
and that...

you get the point.

i needed to stop looking for weird.

i just needed to find my normal and i could enter into a successful relationship.

and then i found this guy.  and changed my entire belief system.

normal?  who needs normal.  who wants normal.

all this time...

i was just looking for

a dancer.

this picture makes me laugh harder that i have ever laughed.  in my whole life.

hold me closer, tiny dancer.


Peyton Dukes said...

Brad looks hilarious! he must of been really wasted.

jessica said...

the bit just likes to dance!

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