a few of my favorite things (christmas edition)

red fingernail polish
i usually have normal, every day nails, i am a nanny and having perfect nails is not on my "to do" list or even anything i aspire to, but at christmas time...there is nothing i love more than a good coat of red polish on my fingernails (usually this means that i will just pick it off since i am a picker...)...

the only thing with red polish is...the minute it starts chipping, then you get the white trash look.  and that always happens to me and then i walk around with the chipped red polish look for more days than the polish actually looked good.

good thing i only aspire to red nails the moth of december only.  shew.

christmas music
this is the only genre of music that doesn't get on my nerves after a while.  because of what i do for a living, sometimes i long for silence.  need it.  on the way to and from work, i do not even think to turn on the radio and just listen to the hum of cars passing by.  peace.  but just the other day, i remembered "jessica, tis the holiday season..." and then i remembered that 93.7 the fish plays christmas music 24/7 the month of december.  then i decided to turn my radio on...and i sang my heart out...and haven't stopped.  i heart me some christmas music.

christmas lights
the more the merrier.  gaudy possibly?  yes please!  this year i bought a smaller tree, so now i have two. (lucky brad!)  next year we will have two trees, i know he can hardly wait!  here's the thing, i prefer white and no color.  brad prefers color...well, looks like we will have to talk and come to an agreement....

white lights it is!

just kidding!  white, color?  i'll take them all and lots of them!

christmas shopping
as much as i say i like this.  the lights, the crowds, the decor...the spirit...
i think i have done all my shopping this year on amazon!  but still, the spirit...even at the grocery, you can feel it...and it is exciting...

don't you agree?
another non practical thing to wear to work if you are a nanny.  they are scratchy, and will injure the children when they rub up against you, so i stay safe and wear the over sized sweatshirt...it is attractive.  TRUST ME.  but if i could wear sequins every day during the holidays, i would.  oh i would!  love me some sequins.

and p.s.  when i was looking up sequins on line, this was the first picture that came up...and really, i thought you needed to enjoy this little pitiful thing her mama has forced her in, just like i did.

you can thank me later.

and these are a few of my favorite things...

oh and presents!  lots and lots of presents!!!
which reminds me...

only FIVE shopping days left.
FIVE people!

i gotta go...

at least i have pretty nails, sequins, christmas music in the car and the loveliness of the shopping...


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