this is what happens when its you, your brother, your sister and your crazy nanny yelling, "look!  no over here!  smile for the camera!  lil bit...don't cry...SMILE.  hey, look at me, guys!!!"

you just have to cover her mouth and hope that does the trick.  she stops crying and your crazy nanny wanna be photographer just takes the darn picture already.

 and this is what happens again when she gives up.  baby on the loose, brothers down.  "smile guys!  guys?  hello???  is this thang on???  guys...hellooooo???"

and this is how you feel when its all said and done, all the pictures are over and its just you and the swing...sheer bliss.  glee.

"hey, guys just look at ms. jessica.  okay, just like that...good. ready..."

they weren't ready.

don't you just love that face?  doesn't it remind you of the little guys face on a christmas story when he was forced in the bunny suit?  sweet girl.

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