going to the chapel: chapter 16

is that time again, and you thought i had forgotten again.  {didn't you?}

well, i did not, i just thought i would space the blogs out a little today since there are two (overachiever anyone?) so you would make sure to read them both.  lucky you, lucky me.

there is not that much going on on the wedding front, and that is a good thing.  things are pretty calm around these parts.

1.  just last night we went and looked at rings for brad and he found two that he liked, i will go back this week and order the chosen one and get it engraved.  (maybe that's what i will give him for valentines...)

okay, that's lame and i know it.  and i was kidding.

2.  we got our napkins in the mail with our names on them.  and they are all old fashion looking and cool.  my mom said, "i got your napkins, they are written in all lower case???"  she thinks i have issues.  and i do.  i am a font snob and i can't help it.  and there is no rehab for this, i have checked.  just pray for me.

3.  i have decided that the decor might need to take a slightly different direction.  yes, again...why?

4.  i have been looking for the perfect shoes to wear.  i kinda want blue ones for "something blue" and that would snaz things up a little, but i am having a hard time finding the perfect pair.  and i am kinda drawn to yellow.  but i also found some whitish silver ones i liked too...

5.  i think i am doing a trial run of my hair on sunday.  now i need somewhere to go on sunday night since my hair will look outstanding!

6.  and last but not least, and this has nothing to do with anything...i received my photography book in the mail that i ordered a month ago.  and this is going to improve my skills greatly.  watch out anne geddes!

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