real time, real life, real friday.

for all of you that might have missed the memo, like i do on most days...we just moved into a house.  like a grown up house.

i know, so crazy!

well...the stove, oh the stove...when i went to put my clean on it,  (you know how when you move into a new "to you" house and even though it is really clean, you still have to re-clean it with your cleaning supplies, with your hands, with your rags...

{i worked at wendy's when i was sixteen and i called yucky cleaning rags...well, rags...because that is what they are.  my manager there would yell at me every time i said the word rag and i said it a lot.  she would say, "towel, jessica!!!"  so i would say towel, because i am obedient.}

like i as saying...with your rags...well, the stove was in bad shape.  it had rusted out and was just not in good condition.

so another was ordered.

it was supposed to take a week to be delivered.

that was two weeks ago.

that is because we missed the first delivery by twenty minutes.

that is also because they came at two and did not call first.

hello, people work for a living.

brad is really getting tired of food prepared in a crock-pot.  please feel sorry for him people.

so, of course, when i called back for the re-delivery, i think they were mad at me.  so they told me they would deliver the stove again friday between 7-11 and would not be able to call ahead.

and again i say, people work for a living.

and i thank you very much.

and normally this might be no big deal, other than I WORK FOR A LIVING.

and not only do i work, but it just so happened, the chil'hens parents had took a very well deserved little vaca and i had them over night.  so at 7ish we were dressed for our field trip at school, lunches packed, coats and shoes on...well, little bit never made it out of her footed jammies if you really must know, but she was warm!...and we headed three miles away to my house to wait on the stove.

7am-9:10am - we watch tv, take all the books off the bookshelf (courtesy of little bit), check out the new digs, look and admire mr. bwads music room and promise we won't touch anything.  steal pictures of cool mr. bwad (the fellas) and did i mention wait on the stove?  except, you guessed it, it never came.

9:10am - ms. jessica (that's me!) leaves a note on the door "took the children to school, please wait or deliver to back porch.  thank you, jessica morrison"

9:10-9:40 - load up three children in the car, two of whom are fighting over who has the coolest picture of mr. bwad in their possession and what color shirt he has on in their pictures, jamming out to "mary wears a red dress, red dress, mary wears a red dress all day long, lalalalalala la la la la"  (don't be jealous), it's little bits jammmm.  take three children, two car seats and two lunch boxes into school.  wash hands and go potty.  except in reverse order.  one of the little fellas pees all over his pants by accident.  take three kids to the back packs, get new pants and change pants.  now we were ready for school.  drop the fellas with their teacher, little bit and i head badk to my house.  shew.

9:40 - arrive back at my house with little bit in tow, who needs a nap (as does her nanny) i hate, and i mean hate getting kids off schedule.  i do not like it all.  two large men there waiting, not happy with us. well, me.  come on, little bit...turn on your it... at least they read my note.  and waited.  thank you men!

10:00 - back home at the the little fellas house.  little bit down for a nap, right on schedule and now its my turn to finish up the laundry and clean like mad.

did i mention, we have a new stove?  and that i tried to be funny so the guys would like me and not be mad and they did not find my comedic routine charming in the least bit.


smile, you're on candid camera!
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