bonnaroo 2011

brad is a long time lover of all things bonnaroo, this year he decided to initiate me into the club of hippies and dirty (literally) people.  we only went for sunday, he was breaking me in easy.  

the following are my observations:

ten reasons you should go to bonnaroo.
ten reasons you should not go to bonnaroo.
one in the same.

 1.  it is really hot.  like really really.  hot.  with no shade.
 2.  if you are a foodie, its like a small piece of heaven because you get a little taste of anything your heart desires.  you can also cheat on your diet because you are sweating your tail feathers off or your bikini bottoms off or your tutu get the point.  so crepes...have one.  heck, have two.  

i had a nutella one and it was delicious.
 3.  there are drugs there.  and i am not talking about caffeine.  although, they have that too.  i am naive and wouldn't know a drug if it hit me square in the face, so if you are oblivious like me, you will be fine.
 hey dude.  you are coming home with me.
 4.  you need a hat.  this is a NOT in my book.  i look homeless in hats, but decided to rock the fedora because where else can you look homeless and dirty and fit in?  
 5.  it is really dusty, and especially this year.  so you might also need a handkerchief, shirt, towel, something to cover your nose and mouth or your lungs will never be the same.  i had nothing.  only my shirt, which i felt was in my best interest to keep on my physical body.  so i inhaled some rather unfortunate things...and a lot of dust.
 5.  the people there are really nice.  and like music a lot.  so you can geek out and tell them all you know about said artist you are seeing.  in my case, i just nod my head and smile and act like i know what they are talking about.  i am usually by brad, and he is pretty genius when it comes to music, so in turn, i look just as smart.  
 6.  the cool people camp.  i am one of those people so next year looks like i will be camping.  start praying for me now.
 7.  you will get really really dirty.  like dirtier than you've ever been in your life.  and when you get cleaned off, you will still have a layer of dust left.  
 8.  there is a short supply of toilet paper because the cool people like to throw it around while the shows are going in.  toilet paper is the new beach balls.  apparently.  all i could think was, "what a waste."  speaking of waste...i might need that later.

anyway.  sorry.
 9.  if you have feather earrings wear them.  because they are cool all the time, but especially at bonnaroo.

(see the crowd surfer?  he got in trouble.)
 10.  everyone is there because they appreciate good music.  or i think that's why they are there.  that's why i went.  well, not really.  i went because brad drug me there.  no really, i went because it is fun to do things with your mate (awwww) that they love and he loves these four days.  
and then sometimes, boys start being boys and decide to not only crowd surf, and throw toilet paper but decide to go for the pyramid.

notice the far left of this picture...almost there.
almost....notice the entire crowd has stopped watching the strokes perform and are now watching the boys in their endeavour.
we got this...

boy in the middle of the picture with the hat is confused.  whats my name, where am i?
you all did it.  your life is complete, now back to the show.  jules, we are sorry.
notice the crowd, cheering for the pyramid.  sorry again strokes - make a pyramid and we'll get back to you.
i forgot my fairy skirt.  darn.
 dust.  dirt.  trash.  willingly.  people are crazy.
 my model of what the appropriate dressed person at bonnaroo would look like.
 and there's a ferris wheel.  its like the fair and music all rolled up into one.
dust.  and my camera was in focus.  cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze.  my poor lungs.

hopefully they will recover by this time next year.

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