surprise!...LOST threw up in our living room.

on thursday, brad turned thirty.  and for weeks i have been planning a surprise thirtieth party. i say weeks, i had been planning it for the past month, but the week of is when the work really started. and let me just tell you, it was a small miracle that i did not let the cat out of the bag on more that one occasion. (brad would like to get a cat, speaking of cat, and i keep telling him that my throat will close up and my eyes will swell because i am deathly allergic. he does not believe me. i am allergic though. really i am.)
dharmaville express, complete with a polar bear
because when you live with someone, and they also happen to be your best friend, you tend to tell them everything. except when you are planning a surprise party for that someone, suddenly have nothing to talk about.  the lies i told last week...after two months of marriage.

shame. on. me.
possibly brad's favorite guest
for instance, on wednesday night, as soon as i got off, i ran to kroger and got him some sushi and left in in the frig at home.  not that he can't fend for himself for a night, because he's just that i like to make sure he has dinner after his day at work, i feel like as his wife, that is part of my job.  and maybe, that's silly but, hey, just telling you how i feel.  so if i suddenly was like, "oh and you figure dinner out..."  he would have really thought something was up and wanted to check my pulse.  so instead i told him that my favorite author (i have a hard time spelling author because i have watched arthur so much with children that the only author that comes to mind when i think of the word is the aardvark...and his sister, d.w....) was in town and doing a book signing and then i whined a just enough so he would feel obligated to say that he would go with me and i would still appear normal...only to have bessie come through in the end...crisis averted.  "oh honey, that's don't have to go, bessie wants to go as well..."

wife of the year, right here.
benjamin linus lives here
and here's the thing, i am not a complete liar because karen kingsbury was in town on wednesday and she was doing a signing and i would have loved to have gone, had i not had a thirtieth birthday to plan and put together in a night.

procrastination hear me roar.

needless to say, the line at the signing was loooong, so looooong that bessie and i were there all night long...and then when i got home... DARN IT.  i left the autographed book in bessie's car.

either i am a really good liar, or brad is a sucker.

i am a liar.
and because we are major fanatics of the show LOST in this house, i decided to make his party the LOST theme, god forbid, i just get a cake and yell surprise.

so at 6:00 on thursday night, brad had no idea i had lied to him all week and he also had no idea that he would be coming home to a front yard of his favorite people waving at him and smiling.  bless his heart. he also would have no idea that LOST threw up in our living room.  complete with dharma foods and drink, sawyers fish biscuits, apollo candybars, cupcakes with hurleys winning lottos number and a few airplanes crashed in those cupcakes as well.  even a sign outside that said "namaste new recruits."  i had some burlap left over from our wedding, so i threw that on the table and your heart out LOST fans.
greeting committee

pull up contest

and then our muscle display

michael, the chef for the evening.  thank you sir.

what a fun day to celebrate brad, everyone had a great time and two little fellas i know were very happy that they got to take home the "crashed" airplanes.

and might i add, while writing this blog, brad put on a record, i stopped writing and we danced together til the song was through...

great.  if he keeps being this sweet, i am really going to have to go all out for thirty one.


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This was the best party ever! I love you.

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