wednesdays words.

my computer decided that it didn't want to work anymore, so instead of my nightly watch tv while i compute, now i am at the mercies of brad. when he is finished in his studio, i graciously ask if i can use his computer, his baby. so far, so good, he has let me every time. 

i think mainly because if i don't use a computer to write, i will be forced to tell him all the stories in my head and since i already do that to death, he invites me in and lets me sit at his super nice computer and i write.  although, he needs to get a better chair in here, because this one is for the birds.  i mean, i am very thankful that he is letting me compute on his computer.  we've come along way baby.  just last night i was telling his if when we were dating he came into his studio and i was perched at his computer...he would have been like "ugh, what do you think you are doing?" and i would have said, "well, i am writing a song, what does it look like i am doing?" maybe its this whole marriage thing and forced sharing.

sunday when we were driving home from knoxville, i was telling him that once my aunt soula, my cousin kasey, my mom and myself were all traveling back from nashville to clarksville, about an hour drive max, i was probably about seven...maybe a little younger. the car we were driving had a blow out, so safely we pulled over on the interstate to change the tire. what i remember now is that i never did not feel safe, my mom and aunt were in complete control. that day, though, all i did was scream and cry, "i'm never gonna see my daddy again!!!"  over and over, and knowing my mom she said something like, "jessica! hush!" and knowing me jessica probably did not hush.  dramatic anyone?

p.s.  two nights ago, i dreamt that brad called me during a work day to come and meet him at best buy.  after saying that i could not because i was headed to work, he urged me to come --- so i went.  and when i walked in, there he was with the children i nanny.  then he told me to go look in the laundry section and in a laundry basket was my friend.  and all of this happened while holding a ton of dry cleaning across my back.  only in dreams.  

see?  it's a necessity that i write this here blog.  

that's all i have.

i'm out.
cool, huh? it's pretty green grass taken with the incorrect shutter speed.  hooray for mistakes.
p.s.  if you read this post today will you leave a comment on here or somewhere letting me know you are reading?  i am trying to see how many people read that i know and that i have not met.  you don't have to leave anything special...just let me know that you happened across morrison lane today.  


Cookie said...

hi Jessica,
loving you & your blog.

Alicia said...

read this on thursday! :)

Jedidah said...

i read your lovely words. almost as often as you post them. Your one of my warmest memories of TN. :)

Jedidah said...

P.S. I know how to contract you's you're...please forgive my grammatical error in the last comment.

Liz and Robert said...
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LizRStillwell said...

Reading from London! :-)

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