waiting on superman

i really wanted to title this blog - the final goodbye.  that might have gotten your attention, yes, but seeing as lil bits face is plastered all over this page, i didn't want to cause alarm or freak anyone out (or loose my job...) so i decided to title it more rightly so - waiting on superman.  which is also a play on words, seeing that the recent documentary "waiting on superman" has just been released.  i also almost bought it on demand this weekend, but decided to watch four episodes of the good wife back to back.  
and i didn't want you to think that i had forgotten all about our independence.  i didn't. i went to a baseball game, and shot fireworks and ate a hot dog, i am all american and proud and celebrated our nations birth...but along with all those great things, i made my second visit to the apple store, and long story short - sob, sob, sob - as i wipe the tears from the keyboard (not kidding), there is a great chance, that these are the last pictures that i took and only ones saved from my computer.  
you read that right, thousands of pictures...gone.
we are going to try one more thing to try and salvage pictures, but today it looks like i might be starting over with new pictures and new memories.  i am really sad.  i had a wonderful and happy july fourth post (that had not been written, but pictures had been taken) that i am so completely bummed about, i just can't tell you.  so while you share my burden, i will give you a little sweetness.

its no secret the girl has a crush on mr. bwad.  she took her first steps to him, every time we get in the car now she says "bwad house" and when we go to OUR house, she squeals in delight "bwad house!' and runs straight to his studio because she is sure to find him there. its really ridiculous.  

if she wasn't so...one. or so short, i might be jealous.  because when they are together, i could go run a marathon and never be missed.  (maybe i should get on that...)

last week, i had to stay later at work than normal and i told lil bit that mr. bwad was coming to see us.  the little fellas were not home so it was just us.  so we headed out to the front porch to wait.
because after i told her he was coming, that's all she wrote.  she was focused on seeing him...and her hands.
she's not a big fan of dirt, yet she finds those things dirty all the time.  "oh wow" is often heard following a dirty hand. which is every five minutes.

i think...

i think...it might be him...

and there he was..."hi bwat! hi bwat!"

"ugh, where you been all my life?"

 apparently, we weren't the only ones waiting...

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Alicia said...

oh my! what happened to your computer? i really need to get busy backing up my pics, b/c i'm sure that's going to happen to me someday! btw, that child is PRECIOUS!

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