pray for drew.

about a month ago as i was carousing facebook (you do it too...), i happened upon my friend whitney's page and saw she had posted some engagement pictures.  when i delved deeper, i saw that she was recently engaged and was happily telling the world.  which brought back a flood of memories of last year on october 27th when brad proposed to me and the goodness and happiness and life that followed.  what a happy time in our life.

here's the thing about whitney though.  i met her several yeas ago one new years night, she was dating another boy and i had a crush on another boy - and brad...had no idea who even was.  as much as i loved talking to her that night, i could tell she was kind and good and some people you just want to be their friend.  so we became facebook friends (after all that is the start of a true friendship...) and i occasionally go to her page and see how life is going for her.  i love to see her successes and all that she is doing - and you know facebook...doesn't take a stalker long to tell when a relationship has ended and a new one has begun...and that she just might have met the one...we'll call him drew (since that's his name...).

fast forward to today.  she wrote this on my facebook wall:  "i think you are great - just thought you should know.  :)" and as much as that totally made my day, not gonna lie - it made me again realize just how GREAT she really is and how when i happened to meet her that new years night years ago that i really was right.

websters defines great as this:  markedly superior in character or quality;

just weeks after her engagement i noticed that a multitude of people were writing praying for you and that her congratulations had turned more into concerns from her friends, so what's a stalker to do than to get to the bottom of the mystery? this is what i found...penned by whitney:
At the beginning. Drew got mononucleosis on August 9th. He was super fatigued & had typical mono symptoms. On August 21st he flew down to Orlando to spend sometime with me before heading back overseas. The next day- Sunday, he started to decline- feeling nauseous and was really dehydrated. He went to the ER on Sunday night. They pretty much said that he had mono bad- gave him fluids, pain medication and sent him home. The next day he got worse with the same symptoms plus throwing up. We returned to the ER on Monday night. They said the same thing- gave him more fluids, took more blood, gave him nausea medication and sent him home. Tuesday was a long day where I prayed and prayed he was getting better. I am an eternal optimist so I was sure he was recovering. 

Wednesday he was worse again, and his mom- Julia flew in around 6pm. He asked to go back to the ER (for the third time!). We agreed and took him right in. This time was the worst- he couldn't walk and was admitted immediately. He had mono + dehydration + jaundice + nausea + pain + tingling all over his body. After that it is somewhat of a blur. Drew's dad, John flew in Friday night. Drew has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Feel free to read up and ask questions if you like. 

With GBS it attacks the body's nervous system, creating temporary paralysis starting at the toes and working it's way up and eventually recedes. Every case is different and some are much more severe than others. Drew has many ups and downs- he goes through intense pain and nausea often. I have lost count of the blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI's, and x-rays. 
this is just an excerpt of whitneys blog she started to let us all in on how drew is doing.  when i think of great, i think of drew and whitney.  drew clinging to life and whitney nursing him back to health every step of the way.  that's love, folks.  i, for one, am glad i know such an amazing woman.  because i do, that's one more person praying as he makes a recovery to stand beside his bride as they say their 'i do's.'

leave a comment for drew and whitney and pass this blog on and i promise to get them the kind words that you have to say...  but more than anything.  pray for drew.  pray for whitney.  pray for their family.



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Wow, I will be praying for sure!

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