slow love.

if ever you have have had to "woe is me's" about a boy or life, slow love by dominique browning will not only have you cheering her forward but also makes you feel not so alone as you struggle with life when your so called life plans don't seem to pan out just the way you had envisioned.

as the cover of the book touts "how i lost my job, put in pajamas and found happiness" as dominique deals with her own broken marriage long ago and then an off again affair with what leaves the reader believing she has found the love of her life in stroller (her love affair), except there's the problem of he's married and after years and years of empty promises decides to stay married and still pursue her...which in fact does not help her discover her path to happiness.  it only forces her back into the brooks brothers pajamas she so candidly writes about.  so candidly in fact, i am thinking about buying myself brad some, except some of my friends in twitterworld told me they were $90 and old navy has pajamas for $5 on a good day.  there's that.

and i am distracted.  shocker.

the only regret i have in reading slow love, is i had to read slow love fast because of time constraints and it is the kind of book that you want to read over time.  you don't want to devour it all in one setting, you want to sit down with a glass of wine (or water.  or coffee.  or hot chocolate.  or tea) before bed and maybe read a chapter or two and then put the book on your bed side table.  until you pick it up the next night.

and if all else fails, you have gained a book that if covers alone were what the novel read, it would be well worth the read. because the cover is perfection.

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