from the road: vegas style with a side of magic and morrissey.

I woke up this morning with the greatest first paragraph ever for this post, but then I forgot as quick as I came up with that genius. So you'll have to settle for mediocre today. But considering its BLACK FRIDAY, just consider it 50% off.

That's all I got.

You probably already know if you follow my tweets ( and/or instagrams (morrisonlane) that we (Brad and I) are celebrating Thanksgiving in Vegas trying to double all the money we've ever made our entire lives...we liked the odds on the way here, then we got here and well...

We just decided to shop since you GIVE money and GET something in return. After much thoughtful consideration, I have decided that I WILL take all the change in my wallet and give it a go...there are some incredible grey boots at urban outfitters that are 30% off that I am sure with that dollar in change I plan on playing in the slots, I will win enough for those boots.

I'll take a picture when this happens.
Don't get your hopes up.
Our hold your breath.

Cause then you would just be disappointed and dead, because the get the point.

As I write, Brad is hanging out with his BFF Tony Horton and I am contemplating my outfit for the day while I write to you. It's a hard life people. I keep asking Brad random questions about the outfit choices and he answers sweetly and politely. I am positive he is ignoring me and hasn't heard a word I have said, but he is doing a great job pretending. I love that guy.

What else? 

Oh, we are headed to hang out with David Copperfield at four today and then Morrissey at 8:30 tonight. Brad told me Morrissey takes off his shirt and throws it in the crowd when he finishes performing and the  the crowd goes wild and fights over it as they rip it to shreds.  I can hardly wait for this. 

That's a joke. I have plenty of shirts. 

P.S. I just got a new manual fish eye old school camera. I CAN NOT wait to LOAD THE FILM and take some pictures!

P.S.S. Tomorrow we are going to death valley. Have any of you been there? What should I expect? 

Gotta run, this change is burning a hole in my leggins! Wish me luck...

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