five things about morrison lane.

which in turn is five things about me. (no need to state the obvious, but i just did.)  you are welcome.

1.  i grew up and lived my entire life in one house on a hill on morrison lane.

2.  morrison was my last name until eight months ago.

3.  my new last name is dukes and i am obsessed with creating a line of cards called "put up your dukes" because i think that's clever and awesome.  when really it lacks all originality.  hallmark?  wanna come a callin?  i can draw too!  i am your girl!

4.  i would put up my christmas tree in october, if i didn't care what people thought.  and for the sake of being really weird.  and i would keep it up year round.  its so happy and fun.

last but not least...

5.  i am not a mother.  a lot of people that read this blog assume and think those littles i write about are my kids.  then i say things like "so i had the kids all weekend, shew!"  and then people assume "wow, she is tired because she had HER kids over the weekend?  wow!"  those three pretties that i write, tweet, instagram, blog about almost daily ARE NOT MINE.  and i didn't steal them.  i am their nanny.  my full time job is to make sure they are loved, safe and photographed well.  

the end.
yes, they are twins.
yes, they are more different than they are alike.
yes, they crack me up all the time.
yes, their little sister gets a lot more face time on here, because they are in school all day.

really.  the end.

oh wait...can i get a P.S.?

P.S.  sometimes i say SHUT. UP.  all cool like really, no??? is what i mean, but since SHUT. UP. sounds cooler, sometimes i say that.  well, once i did.  in front of these two. and then i was promptly told that we do not say that word and that is the SH word.  and then i had to apologize.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I think a Dukes card set would be funny! :) And I wanna know how someone would assume their your kids if they actually read a post... You make it clear you're the nanny I think! And that makes it a unique blog to read! :)

Sabrina said...

GOSH.. you are the dream nanny.

What a blessing for that family. ("I know you want to say no it is a blessing for me"... but it is them who is lucky!!)


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