valentines eve. and run on sentences...

---will you---
sometimes my best and most clear thoughts are late at night at work, when all the kids are content in their rooms and the house is clean (i am a nanny, remember?) and i finally find myself alone in front of the fireplace with the tv on, on mute, and all that is heard is the hum from the heat clicking on and off, the relaxing flow of the logs on the fire and the exhale and inhale of the sweet pup sleeping right beside me.  on nights like tonight, i feel good about my job and the three little lives i get to enter act with and help grow on a daily basis.  on nights like tonight, i also think about the little life (or lives) that one day brad and i might get to bring in the world and how i will get the gift of doing the same to them what i have just done to the three little sleeping bodies that are now contented in their beds.

i have been thinking a lot about valentines day.  how many people HATE the day, it makes them sad, or it;s just a silly holiday.  and i get it, i do.  but at the same time, i think if we all lived with the mentality of having more valentines days and turning them into our every days, just think how much better the world would be.

because really, it's just about love.  love.  easy enough.  and even if we don't "have" it in our lives, so to speak.  give it away.

smile at the elderly man bagging your groceries today.
return the shopping cart for the lady that has her hands full with her children.
pay for the person in line behind you at starbucks.
tuck a sweet note in your husbands jacket that he will find during the day.
send a card to a friend, just because.
call your parents and tell them you love them.
and then call them the next day and tell them again.
tell someone you appreciate them.
send a random person on facebook a message and tell them you were thinking about them.
pray for someone.  an then tell them you did.
and then do it again tomorrow.

i am a fan of valentines day.  because i really like love.
even when i was single for forever.  i still loved what it represent.
even the year my best friends dad came and cooked dinner for us---reminding us, yes, it;s another year and you still ain't got no date...

red,'s just happy.
and it's always the best choice i think to choose to be happy.
and even if it't the "fake it 'til you make it" kinda happy.

you can still choose to make someone else's day.
ease someones else's load.
and that in turn will only make you feel love in return.

(and that's my two cents...happy valentines day eve.)
---be mine?---

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Crystal said...

Amen! Very nice post! It is about loving others no matter if they are your "love" or a complete stranger.

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