weeeelllll.....it's the big show. (lord help.)

what did you do sunday night?  bet i have you beat.  not that this is a wraaaslin match, like we are fighting and i am trying to win... but maybe it is...  is it?
because sunday night this is what happened to me.  
in the dukes household.
this girl (me) made dinner for this guy (pictures above) - vegetarian philly steak wraps.  because we aren't vegetarian at all, but like to be granola every now and again.  no offense my vegetarian friends, y'all aren't granola.  you are cool.  but i just like to say granola.  because it's cool.  
like i like to say "ray lamontagne is so granola..." and i loooove him.
why in the heck are we talking about ray lamontagne?

i made said special dinner with homemade sweet potato fries because it was a special sunday night, because after much begging and pleading, i said "yes" to buying and watching wraaaslin' pay-per-view.  so that meant, it was a mini party and we had to make it special.
p.s.  there was really no begging involved, i was rather agreeable.  because i am easy like that.  brad's trying to sucker me in...and i am not having it.  except, i watch it with him now...and like know whats going on and know the characters names.  
except i am still not convinced it's all fake.
it stresses me out.
chris jericho???  are you out there?  did you REALLY get hurt sunday night?  because i think you did.
get well soon chris!
and then after our special granola dinner, this happened.
and this picture was used with permission.
he let's me play.
it's awesome.
and then he let's me take pictures.
and post them online.
this is reason #496 why i love my husband.

and after a granola dinner, a little wraaaslin' and a facial.  
boy is in heaven.

and me....
i am still worried about the traumatic head injuries i am watching on screen.

the end.

p.s.s.  also i HAVE to call it wraaaslin' because i can't bear to say wrestling because that might mean i actually watch it, and enjoy it and know what i am talking about.

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ashlyn | nicole said...

looks like you had a great night :) & glad he let you take pictures ;) & sweet potato fries = yummo!!!!

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