snow + camera = excessive(

if you follow me on instagram, you get it.  you know that i went to jackson hole on a work trip and i am back.  you are also probably over all the pictures i posted while i was there.  hey, a girl loves her some snow.  snow plus a camera...helllllo, excessive.

so since it's friday, we are going to instagram all these little boogers all in one place and then i will put them to rest.  next week i will tell you all about the trip.  i know, you are on the edge of your seat...try try try and be patient.  i know it's hard.  i know.

two things:
1.  there was a TON of snow in wyoming.
2.  a moose walked beside our car.  for real.
3.  i think my husband is cute.
4.  i like instagram.  a lot.  (morrisonlane if ya wanna follow)
5.  heeeey, that was five things.
6.  i did the dumbest thing i have ever done in my entire livelong nanny career while there.

p.s.  there is a fly sitting on a tulip in a vase as i write this.  and every few minutes, the tulip wiggles and the fly hops to another, then it starts all over again.  it's about to drive my crazy.



that is all.

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Alicia said...

so what dumb thing did you do while on this trip? huh? what? tell us!

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