a heart content.

here's some life for ya.  as much as brad is in his favorite place tonight, i happen to be in mine as well.  home.  for years and years and years, i dreamt of what would be.  who my husband would be, what my home would look like, where it would be.  would it be fancy or small?  would i be rich or poor?  would my last name be extravagant and cool, plain?  all those unknowns.  you know, being a girl.

and it's funny how life works and how all those things that were so important at the time when you were thinking them, ya know --- they don't really matter when you get in to the heart of the life.

our house is fine.  small by some standards.  large probably to others.
my last name is dukes now.  i think its rather royal.
we aren't rich, but we aren'r poor.  but then again, it is all relative.  to some we may be rich, to others poor.

what i have learned through out it all is contentment.  to be content in my circumstances.  a contented person is hard to find these days, but that is what i desire my life to be.  a life that is full; a life that is content - that is a life of riches.

we are surrounded by media that tells us we need this, and that.  we need it all.  more, more, more.  i fall in the trap as well, darn humans.  but i want to be that girl that when others look at me they see contentment.  that i am happy with what i have and know that i don't need more.  

with contentment comes peace.  our home is a home of peace.  i have always told brad "i want our home to be the refuge that when you walk through the door.  you are home.  peace.  you feel content." and the weight of the world from the day quickly falls to the wayside.  a refuge from the storm, from the chaos of life.  it's so nice to know that as bad a day as i can have out there, i can pull the car into the driveway and automatically feel that home feeling, that ahhhh...peace, contentment.

every day i strive to be that person that jesus has called me to be.  and i am waaay off more days than not, but every day i try to walk out the life he has chosen for me.

peace is such a big part of that; with contentment going hand in hand.

and all those questions that i had and have all go away when i have a heart content.

and with all that, here's the photodump of the week via instagram.  i am morrisonlane on there if you would like to follow.


Jessica said...

I get what you mean about getting caught up in the stuff that seems important that really isn't. It's always nice to step back and appreciate what we do have.

kendrastamy@yahoo.com said...

"It's all relative" You are soooo right there. I agree with you that the home should be peace. When you come home there should be a bit of a refuge, a time to relax and take a deep breath... Then get the dinner going! lol

jessica dukes said...

girls. I agree with both of you! happy Friday.

RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

u r so blessed :-)

jessica dukes said...

i am so blessed, thank you. we all really are.

Ruby said...

I love, love, love this post. I feel exactly the same way. I believe that being in a state of gratitude is key to peace and contentment. We are truly blessed!

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