MC hammer pants and how i became a zombie.

i bought these workout pants after my first zumba class because, ugh, i needed to look the part.  sure, i don't know the moves, but check out maaa pants.  and i knew they were great hanging there on the rack, but then i wore those bad boys and yeah, maybe the cutest and coolest (literally and figuratively) ever.
they are like wide in the leg (mc hammer style) and then tapered just below the knee.  
love this detail and the femininity.
and pockets, these bad boys have pockets.  deep pockets.
deep enough for the normal necessities.  
panties for lil bit in one and my cell phone in the other.  that's normal, right?
walking dead anyone?  
when this picture came out, ugh...zombie like...immediately i went there.
do you watch that show?  really, it's good.

pants:  target

p.s.  i took these pictures while lil bit was in the bath, hence the quality.

one more thing -  last night, we were watching tv and i put my leg on brad and there was this:
see the feather?  
jessica (noticing the feather):  "oh, look im turning into a CHICKEN!"
brad:  "i married A BIIIIRD."

and then back to our show.

and yes, balega are the best.  socks.  ever.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

We do watch the walking dead! I am almost afraid to start the next season though... I have zombie nightmares every now and then since!

jessica dukes said...

yeah, i can't watch it late because i will have a bad dream too! you should watch the second season, its really good!

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