mcdonalds is not clean eating. (and a catch up post)

i've always had a love hate relationship with blogging.  more love than hate seeing i have had a blog for a long time now. but this year i just realized that it is such a time vacuum.  i mean, i knew that before, but this year i really got it.

i am determined brad and i are not going to be the family that is in the same room on our phones constantly or have the computer open.  sitting beside each other, yet not saying a word and completely disengaged.  so if that means less time on the computer, sign me up.

also, i am not a great multi-tasker.  and as i stated in the few blogs below that working out, preparing clean meals, working full all takes time.  so that means i'm just gonna blog less.

but i love it.


just last week, we spent nine days in tahoe with the family i work for.  brad was able to go as well, which was crazy nice for me to have him there.  he skied all day with the cool kids and i hung out with lil bit in the house.  we went to mcdonalds about every other day, since her idea of a good time is eating breakfast while in a parked rented minivan in the front seat.  i would sip my coffee and have a delightful conversation with my girl.  some days we went to the grocery, most days we just played and napped, laundry.  nothing really out of the norm for us, but it was a change of scenery and a good time. on my day off, brad and i took in reno.  i couldn't stop laughing while we were cruising the strip listening to justin timberlake in our minivan.  just funny.

coming home this week has been exhausting adjusting to the time change.  shew, we are tired and so looking forward to the weekend.

tuesday is our two year anniversary and then we head to new york city!!! on saturday for a little anniversary getaway complete with wrestlemania (don't be jealous!) and some shows and always good eating...this trip can not get here soon enough.

the day after we get back, i go in for some pre-surgery bloodwork, then the following tuesday i am having surgery (more on that later) so april, is not here, and already flying by.

how are you, friend?  
are you as busy as me?  
or is life slow for you right now?  
give me a slow day any day!

happy easter weekend.  
so thankful for jesus everyday but especially this weekend.  
we all have so much to be thankful for all because of him.

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