favorite bloggers.

day 19 might be a favorite.  top five favorite blogs.

here's my routine, when i set down at my computer in the AM, i automatically go to these five blogs.
lisa is my friend. we met in the blogosphere, and have met once but i just really like her.  we often exchange texts throughout the day from everything to working out to kid stuff...lately she has overhauled my blog design which a love.  she always has a different hair color, her little girl has the best name and i feel really blessed to know her.  i think she's pretty great.
amanda and danny had a hard time carrying a baby to term and after three losses, she started writing about her latest pregnancy which resulted in sweet arlo.  she has a great eye for design [check out arlo's nursery!] and is just funny.  when i read her writing, i imagine myself just talking to her and she telling me about whatever she happens to be writing.
lisa is my go to for presents for anyone really special in my life, her jewelry is beautiful. she shares her family and life throughout instagram and her blog.  she has two sweet boys and has an eye for all things creative and fashion.  oh my.  i think i read somewhere that she gets dressed every day, like dressed, put together and make up.  i mean, that's a reason to like [or hate!] her in itself!
because her pictures and family and everything she does is pretty much amazing.  i wanna move into her house.  or at least lie to people and tell them i live there.  she's always got a project up her sleeve and recently built a chicken coop.  did i mention she has five kids?  five kids and chickens.  and some days i don't have enough time to blog.  chickens?  i can't imagine.  
if her photos aren't enough to draw you in, you will be mesmerized by her words.  she is creative and a mama of three.  i think she shines such a positive light on things that are really hard and puts an optimistic spin on things that we all need to hear and read.  her pictures tell stories and we could all learn a lot from her words.  her blog is more than a blog to me, it is a story unfolding that i drink in.

of course, there are a TON more i love, but these five are my favorites [lately] for so many reasons, many of which i listed above.

tell me more.  tell me more!

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Amanda said...

Another shout-out! Thanks, friend. :) The blog's looking spiffy, by the way!

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