WOMEN: find the doctor that's right for YOU.

I had an extremely long and wordy post almost finished then my hand started hurting so I quit writing. Also, I was kinda bored with the entire thing so here's where we start over.

Women. Take charge of your health.

I am a healthy thirty seven year old who wants to have a baby more than anything. The last two years I have had two miscarriages and four OBGYNs.

The later of the two losses occurred just a few weeks ago and is still occurring actually as I watch my hcg levels fluctuate from low to high back down to low.

Thursday, I ended the week with a bang. Bang. Like hospital bang. After a ER visit I landed in the hospital for two days with an ectopic pregnancy rupture possibly OR cyst rupture possibly. All I know is it was a ton of pain and scary.

And it was sad, sure. But we had already found out I had miscarried a few weeks ago so it was more a mission of figuring out the problem and getting to the solution.

Four OBs in two years. One after another, all three until my latest did not take an interest in me or my specific case or concerns. All of these doctors were highly recommended to me, but we didn't click for some reason.

I'm pretty passive by nature. So switching doctors until I found the right one was out of my comfort zone. But miscarrying everytime I find out I'm pregnant is also out of my comfort zone.

Finding a doctor that cared about my specific case has been challenging and frustrating. Because should all doctors be proactive and care the same?

Women: I urge you. Go to the doctor. And if your reasoning for avoiding the doctor is because you don't like your current doctor, find another. Just because the doctor is "the best" doesn't mean she's "the best" for you.

Me: Pressing on.

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tricia said...

I love you, friend.

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