Awkward Family Photos

It's only April and I have learned a ton this year.

One thing I have learned is there is no such thing as a bad picture.

I took some pictures at Thanksgiving of our entire family, at moms prodding.  They were terrible deemed by me, and probably to anyone else.  But since dad's death, I decided to revisit those things and actually found some gems.  All of them.

And even though we are misplaced, I look like I am married to my nephew Seth in most of the pictures, my nephew Bens eye only is showing, we look kinda like the Herdman family, I am sweating because I have a heavy sweater on AND because I was back and forth between the 10 second and go timer while the camera sat on a rickety table with 15 books under it...until my sister-in-law's sister took get it.  Bad photos.

But then when you know you can never get this picture back again, it becomes golden.

join me for comedy hour.


Nice socks mom while striking your model pose.  Lookin' good gurl.
Dad - I'm here, but I don't wanna be.
He always was the favorite child.  That's by brother, Trampas. And look, we are centered.  It's a GO.  Everyone, timers on!  Hurry!!!
You can't make this stuff up, y'all.  
Brad's taken over the model pose. Seth (red sweater) is like "dude, how you do that? like, this?" Ethan (random arm) who is hiding behind my brother (purple) clearly is about to put earrings on his mom.  Atticus (baby) says, "How did I end up in this family?"
Mom and Dad are like "ALL OF YOU! Out of our picture!"
and then, obviously, I need to work on my sprint.  
 Mom and Dad have settled into their family.  "Oh look, Roy, we might as well smile, they ain't going anywhere."  Everyone and GO.  Jessica?  Jessica?  Jess....
 Something is really funny.  Let's be honest, they're just laughing from cheering for me because I made it in the picture.  Go me.  
 Atticus is getting an ear infection from all the chatter.  And look, everyone is smiling and accounted for.  The picture is crooked but faces, faces are accounted for.  BOOM.
And then when you make it black and white and remember, we are all there, together.  
It's okay that I look like I am married to Seth.  
It's okay that Bens eye is only showing.
We are happy and we are together.  And this would be the last picture we ever took together.  
So, it's the best picture.  

And because he's cute, here's a closer look at my great nephew Atticus.  
Take pictures people.
On your phone.
bad pictures, good pictures, lots of pictures,
just take them.
you won't regret it.

And that is no April Fools. 
Happy Day, friends.


Earl-Leigh said...

Haha! I love the setup! I'm so glad that y'all have these photos...every single one of them. You look just like your mama! Beautiful!

Alicia said...

um, these pictures are awesome! i love them! so happy that you have them to cherish. i tell m & l all the time that one day they'll be so happy that i'm a crazy iphone pic snapping mama! btw, atticus looks exactly like trampus! that kids is adorable!

lilymoon said...

Jessica...your photos AND your commentary are priceless!!!!! ♥

V. Wright said...

Jessica...your photos AND your commentary are priceless!!!!! ♥

V. Wright said...

Jessica...your photos AND your commentary are priceless!!!!! ♥

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