seriously, i have been in a grumpy mood all week.  foul.  just not good. the safest place for me to be is in my room, alone.  then i won't hurt anyone's feelings, look at anyone wrong or simply just oppose my bad attitude on them. to make matters worse, my friend is in titanic at a local theatre, i went to see it last night, and the darn thing sank and everyone died.  i mean, if that doesn't put a damper on your mood than what will?  everyone stood and applauded...and all i could think of was "why are we standing?  these people didn't make it."  bad mood, told ya.
i keep racking my brain, wondering why i am just not feeling it.  these are the only reasons i could come up with.
- birthday's around the corner (hoo FREAKIN' rah).  yeah, they were fun when you were 21, but now...nevermind.
- the titanic sunk last night.
- i can not figure out the complete workings of photoshop and it is making me a little crazy.
- i am not married, engaged, dating, liking, get the point.
- my friend forgot me.
- my other friend wants to forget me. (hehe)
- last but not least, and probably the most important. everytime i get out of the shower i have to dry off and it makes me ill.  if i had all the money in the world, or just more money than i do now, i would install an automatic dryer in my bathroom so as soon as i stepped out of the shower, i would be dry.  (i hear p. diddy, sean p. diddy combs, puff daddy, puff, whatever he is called, has one and i am a little jealous). maybe i should just get out of the car the next time i am in the carwash to experience the feeling of true bliss.  because you know it would be.
perhaps (that word actually makes me LAUGH!), my mood will improve now that i got all that off my chest.  
i think i just need to go run.

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