letting go.

sometimes there is complete comfort in the unknown.  me, being a little slow, it takes a while for me to really get things, or accept the facts.  (well, actually i do think i get it, it's just accepting reality.  there i said it!).  i have been holding on to a relationship for years that i knew had passed.  but me, being the hopeless romantic, and the "oh, that will make a lovely story one day" girl that i am, could not let go.
let go.  i have.
and even though now i accept that facts that it is truly over, doesn't mean i will forget the phenomenal impact that he made on my life. making me hold my head a little higher, think i was worthy, among other things.  what a blessed person i was to get to spend the time we did together.
letting go.  i am.
i thought it would hurt much more than this, but i am fine.  i can hold my head up now and i do know that i am worthy.  a boy made me aware of those things, but understanding how much God really loves me, made me embrace those things.  
as much as there is an odd comfort in "not knowing,"  maybe i am learning there might even be more comfort in knowing.

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