i ran away once.

have you ever just wanted to run away and get away from it all?
right about now, i am ready to run away...to the beach, or                
a cruise would be acceptable.  i would even settle for hot with a pool.  i am easy.  really.
i ran away once for real when i was five.  i was mad. real mad.  whatever happened, i did not like my mama anymore. and i would show her.  hmmmph!
so me and my little self took off down the drive way.  (p.s. we lived on an old country road -morrison lane to be exact- and our driveway was gravel and real long.  real long.)  "no more jessica at your house, mama and daddy."  man, i was big and INDEPENDENT.  clearly.  i was running away.
i saw a snake.  a snake.  oh, man...i want my mama!
and i ran back home.  fast as my legs would take me.  
thank god for that snake.  
no tellin' where i would have ended up.  probably somewhere crazy like at my aunt mops house across the field or even somewhere crazier like my granddaddy's across the field and down the road.  
my mama learned that day. 
i obviously showed her.  

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