wrastlin' and such.

this weekend i did some things i am not happy to admit.  just kidding.  
it was one of my favorite friends birthday and birthdays are well..."go big or go home."  so we went big and went to a USWO wrestling match and then to the herm caf.  
location:  stadium inn (in not the best part of nashville) in a conference room.
cost:  $8 (cash only)
fun level:  priceless
are you getting a visual?  let me help.  picture a small room in a ram shackle hotel that smelt like a nursing home, and in the middle of that room that smelt like a nursing home a wrestling ring. the ring in the room that smelt like a nursing home is flanked with every mismatched chair they could find in the hotel that smelt like a nursing home.  it was not packed or sold out by any means but no kidding aside, there were quite a bit of people there, and some were serious fans.  serious.  so serious, that someone forgot to tell them it was fake.  yes, just incase you didn't know.  wrestling is not real.  fake.  they are fake.  sorry to bust any bubbles.  reality people.  my friend ben, he might disagree.  
when the USWO wrastlin' was over, we headed to the hermitage cafe.
my friends, who are much cooler than me and much more "in the know" than me, call it the herm caf.  see?  they are cool.  i think it sounds like an STD, so i call it the hermitage cafe.  but then again, not as cool = jessica.  it is pretty well known in nashville, has made appearances in lots of videos, is greasy and kinda makes my stomach hurt good.  
it was a interestingly good night, celebrating my sweet friend sarah's birth.  
and last night, (like one night's not enough.) some of her friends threw her a surprise birthday party -did i mention she's popular?  i have always wanted to be one of the popular girls...now i am in the club. or at least a friend with a member.  YES! 
happy birthday sarah!


Anonymous said...

Love the editing skills on these!

Sarah said...

You are hilarious! You know I just got lucky this birthday.

By the way... wrestling is real. That pain they experience is real.

You'll be going back with us to see "The Dragon" and "AM Vision." You know you want to.

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