cool. calm. and cabana.

i was talking to my friend about the restaurant cabana yesterday.  
and then i remembered THIS.  
my favorite night ever!  
i wrote this 04.04.07.
ever feel like life is passing you by?  that's what i felt like tonight.
case and point.
today is LD's birthday.  in our house, we try and are really creative for birthdays, sometimes spending too much and going too far, but we like to make them spectacular.  because of limited funds on my part this year, bess and i decided to just make her day special and then surprise her with a good dinner at a restaurant where she has never been.
the choice:  cabana
location:  heart of hillsboro village, uber trendy and artsy.  surrounded by jackson's, sunset grill and the trace.  
my initial concern was it might not be child friendly.  but seeing the reservations were at 6:45 (we needed to get home so M could go to night!), i thought it would be fine, since it was early.  (and i hear the craziessss don't come out til after 8:00 pm.)  it is a really cool place, really cool.  each place to sit, if you are not at the bar, is its own cabana, with a curtain you can even pull to close for privacy...if you are a big deal, exclusive or want to appear that way (or just get people to talking).  
we kept the curtain open.
in each cabana, there is even a flatscreen television.  bess initially asked, "so, what do you think these tv's are for?"  and myself, being so intelligent, worldly and well informed replied, "oh, i am sure, like, if there was a release party here or something, you know..."  that seemed to satisfy her.  so we get seated in our cabana and we ask the server about the tv.  she replies, "i can turn it to anything.  so y'all want to watch nickelodeon or something, disney?" (remember, lori's little girl is with us and she is five.)  
after i choked on my water.
i quickly said, "no, no, NO, NO NO.  we do not want to watch nick or disney."  like she did not hear me, she keeps talking.  "we even have the little mermaid, if y'all want that?"  "NO, WE DO NOT WANT CARTOONS."  i mean, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, does she not realize we are COOL?  we are at cabana.  in the heart of hillsboro village, where the cool people are...celebrating LD's 27th and the choices she is giving our table lie between nick, disney and the little mermaid.  
please shoot me now.  have i mentioned i am not a fan of cartoons?  i get it honest, neither is my mama.
we decide on american idol.  yeah.  it wasn't on.  great.
good, this is good.  let's just talk, enjoy the scenery.  there are pretty and cool people all around.  
oh no.  here comes the OWNER of the restaurant.  he leans waaaay into our booth (cabana), reaches up to the tv and adjust the volume waaaay up.  hello, what is he DOING?  and then...we hear and SEE the little mermaid starting on the tv.  did we ask for this niceness?  are you kidding me?  he says all proud like, "my little girl was here earlier today and she left the little mermaid, so i am starting it for y'all!"  
for real?  is this a joke?  
the place was loud, you could hear all kinda conversations going on, but you know those times when things get quiet all at the same time...?  yeah, that's when you would hear ariel singing, "wondering free, wish i could be, part of your world..."  people would walk by, look into our cabana.  yes, we are watching the little mermaid.  yes, we are being serenaded by sebastian.  yes, we are single.  and looking. from our cabana, you could see the people roaming around the bar, the pretty boys flirting with the fabulous gals, the NBA game getting started...and there we were "unda 'da sea, unda 'da sea, each little snail here knows how to wail here, take it from me..."  that's when i looked at LD and bess (and M) and said, "ever feel like life is passing you by?"
it will go down as one of the most surreal experiences in my life.  and it will be undeniably have to be LD's favorite birthday ever.  we were at cabana, stiletto clad, watching the little mermaid...but it was still horribly good.  i was with two of my best friends in the entire world and my littlest best friend.  i would not have wanted to be anywhere else.  if i could do it again, i would, movie and all.  afterall, i forgot about mean old ursala!
you can stop laughing now.  
it's really not nice.

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LD said...

Favorite?... ummm?
Unforgettable?... Definitely!

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