i moved to nashville about four years ago.  when i moved, my roommates did as well.  we all had different interests and jobs, but knew nashville was where we wanted to be, so it just made sense that we move and continue being roommates.
being new residents of music city and knowing that the new season of nashville star was about to premiere, we decided that was where we needed to be that february night four years ago.  (p.s.  and the tickets were free.  just being honest.)  LD (roommate #1) and myself had to work late that evening, so we suckered bess (roommate #2) into standing in -what we were soon about to learn- the very long line in front of the grand ole opry.  when LD and i arrived, the line was so long, and there were so many people that i knew my stilettos were never gonna make it.  did i just write that?  what i meant to say was the line was so long, we all kinda knew we would never get into the show.
we made it to bess, and cut line in front of about a million (and i never exaggerate, by the way) of nashvilles finest (don't you HATE those people?).  whew.  and as luck would have it...she was in deep conversation with the four folks in front of her:  ms. my hands were cold, ms. she-really-did-have-curly-hair-that-night,  ms. she-is-REAL-purty and a mister.  
after a few hours for bess and our new friends standing in line, and about 30 LONG minutes for LD and myself, we didn't get into the show.  nope.  rejected.  put out cold.  
and suddenly we were headed to dinner with our new friends.  olive garden to be exact.  we didn't have anything else to do and figured since we were planning on being at a show all night, we might as well eat our disappointment away.  so our "friends" (aka...strangers), LD, bess and myself were a party of seven that night at the olive garden.  
we didn't know anyone else in nashville, and were happy to meet new faces.  new faces to familiar faces to those-are-our-friends-faces.  the mister that we met that night, he moved away. ms. she-is-REAL-purty has left us too.   ms. she-really-did-have-curly-hair-that-night is now a mrs. and ms. my hands were cold decided to make nashville her home. (i think we might have had A LOT to do with it, don't tell her i told you that.)  
we decided to celebrate our four year anniversary the other night. back to the place where it all began.  olive garden.   it was a blast.   pictures don't lie.
(here's to another IV years and some new additions!
 i love you all.)

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