my mama.

this is my mama. 
she moonlights as minnie pearl.  she can sing and yodel (real good!) too.  
she even knows cletus underwood.
she wears many hats.  and just as many dresses.
i think sarah ophelia colley cannon would be proud.
wife to my sweet daddy,  mom to two lovely children 
(amazing children!),
hi-doll to three awesome boys and friend to many.
but put that  hat with the tag on,  she is minnie.  
all minnie.   all the time.
she wins awards.
i tell my friends, she should have been famous.
if she would have moved to hollywood a long time ago,
she would have been a big deal.  
i am not even kidding.
but i am glad she stayed in tennessee, married my dad 
and became my mom.
i think she's a big deal.

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