rockin' the socks.

what is white with black and a little bit of grey?
did you guess BELEGA SOCKS?  you didn't?  shame on you!  you must go out and get a pair (or 10) now!  order them here.  they will make you happy.  oh yes, they WILL!
i was getting fitted for a pair of running shoes several months ago, when the salesman slipped a pair of socks on my feet.  he opened a new pair of socks to put them on me, whatever.  myself, being the sceptic that i am, was thinking..."uh, huh. you think i am going to buy these $10.00 socks. yeah, no. as i rolled my eyes in my head."  as he was slipping them onto my big size ten feet, he said, "let me introduce you to (left foot) "oooohhhh" and "aaaahhhh."  
i laughed.  then my life changed.
well, not really. they are socks.  but needless to say, i did buy two pair that night, and have since accumulated six pair.  if you don't own a pair...not kidding, you must.  
they will rock your (other) socks off!  i crack myself up!

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