my new addiction.

"what is your favorite food,"  i was recently asked by my good friend sarah.  she even tried to help me "biscuits, chocolate?"  nothing.  i got nothing.  
then i remembered my one and only true love for the past two weeks.  
seriously, i think i might be addicted.  
i take it back, i know i am.
issues.  told ya.
taco soup!  i stole the recipe from my boss who stole it from online who got it from weight watchers. whew!  and it is gooooo-oooo-ooood! did i mention how good it was?  it is scrumptious (as one of my favorite three year olds says).  
you got a pen?  are you ready?  because soon you will be addicted as well.  not even kidding.
stolen, borrowed fancy-wancy taco soup
(jessica's version, stolen from different sources and a few things added...)
1- large onion (diced)
2- cans of black beans (drained)
1- can of rotel
1- can of petite diced tomatoes with peppers
1- can of corn with peppers
1- can of mushrooms (drained)
turkey burger
1- pkg. dry ranch dip
1- pkg. dry taco seasoning
3- cups of water (add more or less depending on the consistency you prefer)
cook the turkey burger.  set aside.
mix all other ingredients together in a pot or crockpot.  add turkey burger.
i let it cook in a crockpot for a 3-4 hours.  it really doesn't matter, it really just needs to be heated through and through.  i eat it for a week, it is great reheated!
if you want to forgo as low fat as you can possibly make it, which is usually my goal...get some mexican cheese and sprinkle on top, and if you are really aiming to impress.  
a dollop of sour cream will get 'em all talking!
eat and enjoy.  
next time someone asks me my favorite food.  i'll be ready (and you will too)!

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