michael phelps. i am a fan.

i am a fan.  i like this man.  (i am also a poet.  haha)
i was a fan then, when i was on the edge of my seat with every other american.
i am a fan now.  i am a fan on facebook.  i am a fan in real life.
real life.  he is in the thick of it now, and has made a costly mistake. he has also owned up to his mistake.  owning up to your mistakes is sometimes harder than the disciplinary action that follows. there are circumstances in all of our lives where we did something that we know we have to tell our parents, boss, significant other,...and once that is finally over, it really doesn't matter what else happens. we've all been there.  
owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility is a hard life lesson.  look at all the pete rose's of the world, who we all know did some pretty stupid things, but has never taken ownership.  
good job, michael phelps.  the reason i am a fan is because of the passion and the unwillingness to stop and accept defeat when the odds were stacked against you.  you did that.  you met that head on, now live life like you do in the water and everything will be just fine.  
i will always be a fan.
see you in 2012.  
london, can't wait.

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