get a job.

birthdays bring up all sorts of memories (or in my case, it may be ISSUES!) for me, good and bad.  yesterday i had another one of those darn things!  looking back over the years, i have been so blessed with birthdays always filled to the brim with love and friends.
this year was more of a low key birthday for me, well so far.  there is the girls trip with ten of my favorite gals that is happening tomorrow! what!  what?  so, maybe not low key, but i was talking about the actual day!  my parents, brother and his wife, two of my three nephews, LD, Bess and M. and myself all went to dinner at the loveless cafe. mmmmmm....if you have never been there, you must go. seriously, make the trip, it is so worth it!  came home and watched Pat Summit win her 1000th game and had some yummy birthday cake, italian cream cheese.  all in all, a good good day!  to top it off, LD and Bess (my bff's) got me tickets to the grand ole opry for the march 7 show.  yep, a good ole tennessee birthday!  that seemed to be the theme this year!
then there was my birthday three years ago, my girls went all out.  a complete birthday surprise, renting an escalade limo filled with my favorite people, making a video of all my years of life thus far produced my friend driftwood, a tiffany and co. bracelet thrown in there for good measure (or just to see if i have the patience to NOT rush the present table and grab the little blue box and open it like a mad woman. - p.s.  i didn't.  didn't even open it first.-  never said i didn't want to).  out of the fun and festivities of the evening, one of my favorite moments was when we were all watching the video that LD and Bess had so thoughtfully put together.  the video contained clips from previous people i had nannied for,  friends that could not be there, friends that were out of town, and family.  there was one clip where H., a little fella that i was a live in nanny for signed (he is nonverbal and uses sign-language to communicate)  "happy birthday, i love you. happy birthday, i love you."  yes, the ugly cry did occur as well as some outburst of laughter, i would still watch the video daily (along with the mexico video -that's a whole other story-) if i had time and it would not make me the lamest person on the planet!  but during the video, one of the ladies that i had nannied for in the past was talking to her three boys on camera and she said, "is there anything you would like to tell miss jessica on her birthday?"  and A., her little four year old boy promptly replied without hesitation, "yep. she needs to get a job!'  hahahahaha  all this time, i had been the primary full time nanny for their neighbor and had stayed with their family when time permitted, he thought i needed to get a job...
i guess if truth be told, in his eyes, i am still an unemployed gal who just goes door to door looking for kids to entertain me.  
then there was the year, when i was sixteen.  i never will forget it, because sixteen is supposed to be the year!  you gear up your whole life for this one, you get to drive, sweet sixteen and really that is when all the coolness begins. let's be honest.  the day of my birthday that year, my grandfather fell and had to be rushed to the hospital.  he ended up breaking his hip and was hospitalized and a few weeks later passed away.  more than anything , i remember being really sad that he fell on my birthday, but not because the attention was taken off me but because i knew i would always have that sad memory.  i don't remember what i got that year, what the cake was like, who was there to celebrate...nothing.  i do know that i wasn't jobless back then.  i worked at wendy's old fashion hamburgers.  thank you very much.  
don't judge.  i still like wendy's

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