we're having a baby!

yes, we really are.  can you believe it?  seeing that i am single, not dating...i am thinking that you can't.  but it is true in fact. 
let me clarify.  i am a personal assistant/nanny of twin boys.  their mom, who has also become one of my most dearest friends, came home the other day in a tizzy.  i was on the computer, editing and cropping photos (my favorite thing in the whole wide world to do!), not paying any attention to the fact that she had walked in.  clearly, we love each other.  the boys were napping and i was taking a little break between loads of laundry.  so she comes in and i am doing my thang...and i say to her, "oh my gosh...i love editing pictures, i could seriously do this for a living (the valley girl in me does come out sometimes)." she sticks a pregnancy test in may face, between me and the mac, so i have no choice but to look at what she is presenting and says, "you can't quit on me now, WE are having a baby!"
what the heck?  seriously?  aaahhhh.  really.  it better be a girl!
yes, with tears in her eyes, and a heart full of thankfulness and pride, she shared her news.  then we both start talking over one another a hundred miles a minute...taking a breath every now and again.  but not without saying every other minute, "can you believe it?  this is nuts?" after a hard time having the twins three years ago, her heart was full and her belly was too.

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