a walk to remember.

sometimes when i am at the gym and i know i have a long workout ahead, i will time it accordingly with something that i want to watch on the tube (why are all these blogs turning into tv talk?).  usually a movie, saturdays it's CMT.
tonight, i had one of those long 'uns.  i knew i was gonna be riding (i prefer to call it riding, it makes it sound more enjoyable.  thank you very much.) the treadmill for a while.  my plan was to watch the first hour of american idol and then find something else...larry king live, the ut game, preds game and the golf channel were my favorites tonight.  i also have major issues with looking at all the televisions in my viewing area to see if someone else might be watching something that i should be interested in or am missing.  
so why tonight, when i was all geared up to decide between my choices: preds, ut or larry king...did i look in front of me?   to the bikes.  darn that girl that was watching a walk to remember.  or maybe my stupid self for turning MY tv to that movie knowing what would happen.
the first time i saw this movie years ago, i knew nothing about it.
it had a boy and girl on the front of the VHS that were gazing
into each other's eyes.  of course that looked awesome.
so i watched it.  and hated all the people that should have told
me to read the book before hand or give me a clue as to what
the movie was actually about.
i happened to have a towel, a large dry-your-body-off towel
on the bed.  uh-huh.  by the time the movie ended, the towel was 
soaked with tears.  soaked.  i was clutching it like a baby 
and rocking back and forth. 
 seriously, people.  
why would someone not clue me in before i do this to 
myself?  needless to say, the movie is awesome.  i am a 
sucker for sappy love stories.  (p.s.  will someone please tell 
mandy moore that her fiance, ryan adams, who rocks, 
needs to fix his hair color.  thank you.)
i handled myself fine, thank you very much.  there was no sobbing at least.  between the sweat and tears, i am sure i was a sorry site.  i'm not gonna lie, there were tears.  but i figured since there was so much sweat, what's a little liquid coming out of the eye.  all for love.  if you know me, please just for a second picture me running (uh huh), sweating badly and crying.  i am sorry.  wow.  those poor people working out around me.  and then to beat it all, i had to work out until the movie was over.  why do i do this to myself?  i have the dvd at home.  but then again, we all know the condition of my television.
my workout tonight was a walk/run to remember. 
that's funny!

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