1930's, squirrels and legs.

so shoot me.  i didn't write anything sunday!  but look here...i have been busy, let me give you a brief run down.  and trust me, you know i will expound later.
you try stepping back in time for the weekend, 
its no joke.
long hard days back in the day.
(even if you are on a productions set...)
then i became overly zealous of this fella.  
we'll call him cletus.
because i basically name everyone that. 
 i kinda wanted to name him clark, 
but cletus it is.  he lived in that hole.  no kidding.
see.  told you i have been busy.
but...being busy like i am...has its advantages.
running around, stepping back in time, 
taking pictures of cletus whom i wanted to name clark.  
that keeps a gal active, and...
a lot of running around = legs for days.
don't judge.
 not everyone can have legs for days such as mine.
but, hey, someone has to have them...
and her name's not jessica.  shoot.
between the 1930's, the little fella named cletus that 
i wanted to name clark and making my legs 
look THAT GOOD...
wait, i know already.  they are not mine.  
work with me here, i am pretending.
p.s.  i am also aware that is not me either, 
but i do think we are twins basically.
i have been busy. 
stay tuned.
more to come on...why exactly i went back to the future,
and got obsessed with a squirrel named cletus 
that i wanted to name clark,
(i might even go nuts *no pun intended!* and tell you why 
i wanted to name him clark.  i know, you're excited!)
and carrie and her friends at the opry.
man, i am tired.

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Alicia said...

and you say that your life is not THAT exciting! i beg to differ! can't wait to hear the explanations! get some rest and the WRITE!

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