1930's and such.

this weekend i did hair and makeup for a production my friend wrote and directed.  the shoot was in mitchellville, tn, in the absolute middle of no where land.  it was lovely weather, beautiful location and all around a good time going back in time to the 1930's.  except when my alarm went off at 3:45 am saturday and sunday morning.  not a good weekend for the time change! 
here are some photo's i took on location.  
the bride looking for clark, her true love, on her wedding day.
she married ricardo. 
alicia and ricardo leaving the church.  
and man, she wishes ricardo 
was clark about now.
this would be the green room where the actors got ready.  
this is real working outhouse, and not for props either.  
if you had to go, this was all there was for miles around.  
i didn't have to go.  thank the good lord.
oh wait, i did.  i got a ride back to civilized potties.
and i am a country girl.  
my parents would be ashamed!
the church where the wedding scene was shot.
model-t coolness.
the gentleman who owned this collected them.
he has six!
alicia and clark.  the one that got away.
her true love.  awwww.
gotta love a love story.
and this cowboy has nothing to do with anything.
i just loved how he looked standing there.
he owned the property where we shot the second day,
so he stayed outside and watched it go down.
and pretty much stood like this all day.
i think he is the real deal.
don't you just love him?

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