9 miles.

jessica ran nine (9) miles yesterday.  let me write that again.  jessica ran nine (9) miles yesterday.  are you paying attention? jessica, caca, cocky wocky, wocka caca (all names i am called daily) RAN (one foot in front of the other) and completed nine (9) miles yesterday!  are you cheering yet?  never thought that sentence would be written, said or done by me.  and i am still alive to tell about it. thank GOD dancing with the stars was two hours long!  i am not even kidding.  the guy running beside me smelled like smoke and he was running faster than me. something's not right about that.  i'm just saying.
and to beat it all, i did it in a little less that two hours.  i know that's pretty slow.  but hey, don't knock it.  
 nine (9) miles on saturday:  no time.  i stink.
 nine (9) miles on sunday:  no time again.  loser.
 nine (9) miles on monday:  a
 nine (9) miles in two hours or less:  a
just complete it one way or the other! :  a
live to tell about it:  a
(okay, i'm being a little dramatic.  i knew i would not die, but there went the pedicure.)
have i mentioned i have asthma?
aren't you so proud of me?

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Alicia said...

i am proud of you! keep it up and run a few more for me. the words alicia and run won't fit in the same sentence....definitely!

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