blue moon.

did you know there was a marina in nashville?  i never.  my little fellas mama asked me if i wanted to go have dinner with her and the fellas on the water, to which i replied, "in nashville?" man, i thought we were headed to the beach!  as disappointed as i was...i tried to have a good time. and i even grabbed my camera, just in case there was really water and boats.  
she is so with the times. 
here's the proof. 
i made the mistake of telling the boys that all the boats have names, after i noticed one was named "god's blessing."  i should think before i speak, especially to three year oldsthey are literal, just like my friend bess.  so then i had to name all the boats there, and let's remember i only saw one name.  so there was "big brown" - that boat had brown on it.  then "old yeller" - guess what color that boat was???  you guessed it.  must i continue?  (and you thought i was creative?  right.)  because there were a plethora of large vessels and only one name visible to my eyes.  
but not the fellas, oh no. they know every last name of every last boat at that place.  and don't tell them any different, because they will believe me.  
this tiny white-billed swimmer was there too.  he and his friends were extremely distracting. every ten seconds he or one of his cronies would swim by, and then the little fellas who were sitting quietly, happily stuffing their face with french fries would scream, "a duck, a duck, wook ms. jessica! wook mama!  a duck.  wook fast ms. jessica."   so every ten seconds i would watch this michael phelps wanna be and his three hundred look alike friends take a swim.  doesn't he look exciting to you?  oh, he was...that exciting.  after dinner, we bonded and gave them crackers, because we are that nice.  after all, it is polite to tip the entertainment. when i showed the little fellas this picture,  i said, "did you notice that the little duck had two heads?"  they looked at me like i had two heads, but they look at me like that a lot.
calm down.
  i told them i was kidding.
because i am a good nanny, 
and ducks don't really have two heads.

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