green pants.

have i told you that i can do some crazy mosaics?  well, here's the proof.  what can i just comes naturally, and i have always had incredible fine motor skills.  i am drawn to people with good fine motor skills actually.  this here is one of my friend bess.  she has blond hair, but they were out of yellow, but any given day, she might be wearing this oufit.
and then the shark, well...he's just cool and was rather easy to create.  blue, orange and grey. puh-lease.  challenge me.
okay, lied.  i am no mosaic/tile supergirl (my sister in law though, she really is!).  if you asked my friend LD, "can jessica mosaic?"  LD would say, "ask her, she will tell you she probably could." don't ask, because i will be forced to tell you that i probably can, and i can't. and then i will have to try, and i just do not have the time, so don't bring it up.
all that lovely work is on this dragon at dragon park in nashville.  and i love this place in the nice, warm weather.  
dragon park is where i found this guy.
...and these guys.
and then..."hello, green pants.  get out of the picture."  i think he had it out for the little fellas. hiking up his pants, showing off those short socks. look at his shadow, he's huge.  
then i started thinking...what if he is a bully?  what if there are TWO of him,
like my fellas?  what if there are three? what if he is an octuplet?  
so i tossed the camera to the wind, grabbed the orange pants times two and ran.  
ran for dear life.
thanks a lot green pants.


Alicia said...

and i was getting ready to ask you to create me a one of a kind work of art! darn you! i just might bring up the mosaic thing next time i see you! as for green know he has a mama and she might read a certain blog...i'd be scared!!! you know, you have always been scared of itty bitty strangers!

jessica said...

there is no proof of who he is...his back is to the camera...thank you very much. i have those pants too, it could be me for all you know!!!

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