twenty five random things about me.

1.     i like writing blogs more than i thought i would.
2.     i do not like to dry off when i get out of the shower.  i would prefer an air dryer (like they have at the car wash) to just click on the moment my foot hits the floor from the shower, thus drying me off.
3.     i like to "save" things i really like.  for no special occasion really, just save them.  keep them brand new just because the second you use them, they are no longer new.
4.     i would like to be famous in a martha stewart kind of way. famous for actually being skilled at things.  okay, if i could go the supermodel route, i would settle.  but i am thinking the martha stewart option is my best bet.
5.     i hate dark rooms and houses. 
light = life.  
dark = just depressing.
6.     i cherish my true friendships.
7.     i would like to be a mother one day, and pray everyday that i get the opportunity to be someone's mom.
8.     i really enjoy writing utensils.  pens, them.  
9.     and paper too, all kinds.
10.   i wish i could go to the beach one day a month.  more if i could, but for at least one day a month just have the day at the beach and it be the perfect beach day.
11.   i think i should see ray lamontagne at least once a year in concert for the rest of my life.
12.   i like getting to know people.  like really knowing them.
13.   i am running a half marathon in a little over a month.  
help me lord.
14.   i relish the feeling of being needed and wanted.  
15.   i enjoy reality tv, probably too much.
16.   i wish i was an awesome photographer and writer. 
17.   i drive with my knees most all the time when i am 
alone in the car.
18.   i like to plan trips.  i am always planning some sort of getaway on the computer, even if i know it is not reality, it is fun to pretend.
19.   i have always wanted to go to alaska.
20.   i would like to get married in the field on front of my parents house.  but am willing to negotiate if that would ever be an issue.  
21.   i have a slight obsession with all things birds.
22.   i do not sleep well at all, but am rarely that tired.
23.   i have a toe ring.  i do not think they are even "cool" anymore, but it has been on my toe since i was eighteen, and it's just apart of me now.
24.   i have not had any caffeine since october 24, 2007.
25.   i am a beauty school drop out.  don't judge.
-i did this on facebook and it was so much fun, the fun continues.  i stole some from my facebook page, but some are new.  you're excited.

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Alicia said...

i am excited! i enjoyed reading these. once again, we share so many things! #19 (alaska), that is the one place that is on my wishlist to visit! maybe you should plan us a trip.

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