happy birthday henry.

webster's dictionary defines hero
  as one that shows great courage.  
and today he turns fourteen.
anytime i hear the word hero, i see his face. and hear his laugh.  henry has been through more in his fourteen years, than most will go through in a lifetime.  he has felt pain that very few of us will ever feel.  he has seen more hospital rooms than one boy should ever have to see.  
and he made a selfish eighteen year old girl with no worries and no pain, see life through different eyes. innocent eyes of a child, that needed me more than anyone will probably ever need me.  he needed me many nights just to hold him and tell him, "don't worry everything is gonna be okay." all those nights, i was really just reassuring myself. open heart surgery survivor at three weeks old, followed by more surgeries than you want to know, he is my hero.  and if you knew him, he would be yours too.  
he has worked so hard to do things we take for granted.  when you see henry, you see a boy who is tough as nails and can make you forget about all your worries, just because when he is around, he fills the room with happiness.  when you see henry's mama, you see someone who will not settle for the second best, you see a mother's love so palpable you can almost touch it. 
henry is in middle school now.  he is not only my hero, but he is also just pretty darn cool.  henry does not talk, but can do sign language like nobody's business.  at any given time, if you ask him how many girlfriends he has at the moment, usually the lucky number is three. he is not kidding. probably just being modest.  when you go places with henry, you better look good, because that's all you are...an accessory.  
i moved in with henry's family right after he was born and his parents learned that henry's road would be harder than most.  he had a one year old sister and a three year old brother, who needed someone to keep their life as normal as possible.  my bedroom was outside of henry's room and when he graduated to a twin bed, and learned how to crawl, he would sleep with me every night.  i would leave my door cracked, and in the middle of the night, i would hear the crackle of a diaper and then feel a sweet, soft hand on my arm and look and there he would be. pulled up to the side of the bed, just waiting for me to roll over and grab him.  
and today he turns fourteen, where has the time gone?  i have moved on, i no longer live in the same town as henry, and do not see him enough.  i worry that i will not be able to love my own children as much as i love that boy.  he is infectious, when you meet him, you love him.  
i love you coach.
happy birthday.

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Alicia said...

okay, so now i'm crying! thanks a lot! you are so right about henry. i only experience a few years with henry, but he definitely made an impact. i can't believe that little guy is fourteen! oh my! happy birthday henry!

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