take 1.

don't you wonder what's about to happen?
i mean, really really wonder?
clearly, it's not good.
 are you laughing?
it's not nice to laugh at others misfortunes.
didn't your mother teach you anything?
poor ben..  
he tried his hand at being a "professional clown"
at birthday parties.
  don't judge.
the economy's bad.
poor mother of children.
she thought hiring a "professional clown"
for the birthday party would be a good idea.
don't judge.
the economy's bad.
(and she had never seen his routine before.)
we got what we needed.
whew.  thank goodness ben is not a
"professional clown."
the economy is not THAT bad.
and the mother of children was just playing
a part.  i mean, she is a mother of children,
but she is WAY cooler than hiring a
"professional clown" with the likes of this guy.
thanks for letting me help ben!

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