st. patricks day continues.

st. patricks day has come and gone.
unless you live in erin, tennessee.
population:  about 1500
that is where my mother's side of the 
family is from.
guess where i was saturday?
the third saturday in march, rain or shine.
the st. patrick parade happens.
i overheard several people say,
"well, i be...i believe there might be
10,000 folks here."
they weren't kidding.
please check out blondie and her 
twin sister blondie.
i am naturally drawn to twins
and was pleased to be sitting across from 
these lovely ladies.
they did not move all day,
neither did their hair.
i am thinking he put 
up a fight.
he does not look like a kilt wearin' man to me.
i'm just saying.
and this was the most handsome boy there.
and it was his birthday.
he ate approximately 
100 tootsie rolls.
i am not kidding.
i think this leprechaun is from holland.
the shoes give it away.
if you are in tennessee the third saturday
of march in 2010.
be there.
consider yourself invited.
wear green.

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