fondue and dancin'.

i had a date the other night.
close your mouths.
put your phone down, don't start the rumor mill.
it WAS at the melting pot. THEN to see riverdance. it WAS with my best friends gal. she is seven. we got all dolled up in our sunday best, and headed out for an afternoon/night on the town. someone has to teach her the art of coolness. let's be honest. she took at least fifty pictures of the guy making our cheese fondue. they were all blurry, but does it really matter? he was a little intimidated, i just smiled and said, "she likes to cook." what i wanted to say was, "listen here, big boy. the girl is gonna take pictures. she's seven and there's a stove in the middle of our table." bring out the chocolate. she was to distracted by the eleven hundred strawberries that she forgot to take pictures of the chocolate fondue. loser. calm down, i'm kidding. then onto riverdance. kid's night at the theatre. tattoos, face paint, irish band with dancers. and that was before the show started. the show rocked. we did an irish jig all the way to the car in our sunday best looking cool. real cool.

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