day at the (amusement park) beach.

last fall, my little fellas, their mom, her friend and kiddos headed to the beach.  just for a little get away, R & R, chillaxin' ('cause nothing says R & R and chillaxin' like four kids under three in a condo.)
it was cold.  it was sooo cold.  something about being cold at the beach, it's just not right.  
at all.  we found this amusement park one of those cold days.  we were the only ones there.  
because it was so cold.  brrrrrrrr.
everyone had a good time.  they even had a bat mobile.  no kidding.  
jealous yet?  
and nothing says love like .25 cents times four to make that bat mobile ride.  
ride, bat mobile, ride.

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