i love you too?

so i dated this guy once.  we actually dated for over a year.  he had a cool name.  and i also felt confident he would let me name my first born elliot jane.
i knew early on in our relationship that it wasn't going to go anywhere, we were just too different. i did think that he was just an all around great guy, so i probably stayed in the relationship longer than i should have.  okay, i did stay in the relationship longer than i should have.  i HATE confrontation and will avoid it at all cost.  i have gotten better, but still not a strong suite in my list of "ism's" that i have.  we lived in the same apartment complex, so that just made things a little more complicated.  ms. i hate confrontation should have thought twice before she dated the guy in the next building over.  maybe i am not that smart either.  
i digress.  
one night we were headed to dinner.  we had been dating for a while by now and i knew i needed to end it, but just wasn't sure.  maybe i had issues? (maybe, i have issues?  me, noooo!) maybe i was just freaking out?  what if he was the one?  should i just be patient?  i was thinking all these things as we were talking...
and then...i hear him say, "i love you too."  
oh crap.  did he just profess his love for me?  ugh, this is not gonna be good.  
and wait!  did i tell him i loved him first?  
he LOVES me?
i guess he could see the sweat starting to pour from my forehead and the bronzer on my face turn to red. maybe it was the lack of response?
oh wait a second....
he doesn't LOVE me...
"YOU LOVE U2???"  blotting my forehead. "yeah, i like them too i mean, i really think bono is a cool guy he does so much and just seems like he is such a good person i really like them too." after a novel of a run on sentence, knowing i could not tell him three songs they sang, but seriously just relieved that the group existed.  more relieved that he was in love with U2 and not "you too." 
maybe he was just as 
relieved as i was.  
he probably was.  
so after he confessed he loved U2, we continued dating...
until he didn't call on my birthday.
look, i knew it was over, but still...
call a girl on her birthday.
that's just rude.
in the end, i handled it very maturely.  after many avoided phone calls, my best friend took matters into her own hands and broke up with him for me. 
 what are friends for?  
p.s.  i would like it to be known that i have evolved, matured and grown and would no longer behave in such an immature, irrational and emotional way.  see, i am so mature.  i am even okay with writing out my transgressions for the world to see.  wherever that gentleman is today, i am sure he is making some girl very happy, it was just not meant to be this gal.
that's all.

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John and Sarah Clore said...

Absolutely hilarious. Oh the impact of U2 on people; that crazy band. :)
- jc

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